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We are the Regulators Motorcycle Association.  All of our members are proud residents of the Champaign County Community.


Each Year we work very hard as a 501C3 non profit Corporation to make a difference in our local area.  Over the past several years we have raised thousands of dollars each year to help Cancer and Heart Patients, Burn Victims, Children experiencing loss of parents and other sad but true life stories.  


We try to soften a small portion of the monetary burdens related to these hardships that greatly effect their lives.  The selected family or individual must reside in Champaign or the surrounding counties of Ford, Vermilion, Douglas, Edgar, Piatt and McLean.  Without acts of kindness this help would not be possible.  Your help makes it possible for the Regulators Motorcycle Association Family of friends to truly “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”.


The Regulators Motorcycle Association, Inc. holds the status of a 501C3 non-profit organization with the Illinois States Attorney Office as Charitable Organization #01061744.  We also have a Fein #27-3295111 which registers our organization Federally.

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