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Regulators Run for a Reason XII Totals & Give Away!!!


For Sue "Pooky Sue" Pellum


Date: November 15, 2015


Time: 2:30pm - ?


Where: Pipa's (Formally Diggers)


We had a fanatastic run with a lot of community support and money raised for this wonderful woman!  Please come out and share this moment with Sue and friends!


Sue Pellum

Sue needs our help. For years this wonderful lady has actively supported people in need by donating stained glass art, paintings and other handmade items.  Sue is a very family & friend oriented person.  In June, the doctor told her she had inoperable Stage 4 lung cancer.  She has received 10 rounds of radiation.  She will need to take a chemo pill every 3 weeks as well as endure 18 weeks of IV chemo.  The cost has exceeded $80,000.00 and will escalate.  Sue remains hopeful, positive and continues to love, laugh and enjoy each day.  Please come out and support this year's Regulators Run for a Reason!


All Clubs, Associations and the General Public are Welcome.



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