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Ryder Luparell


Parents: Eric and Regina Luparell


Brothers and Sisters: 5 ranging from 1 - 18 years old, Ryder is the second youngest.


Resides: Gibson City, IL (Ford County)


Ryder is 4 years old and has Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  You can also view his mother’s Facebook page for pictures and more information.


The family is on a single income and is expecting to have chemo treatments for the next 3 years, which involves making trips to Peoria


I spoke with the father and mother and they are very humbled and grateful that we are considering Ryder as a candidate for the run this year, I felt the sincerity in their voice and overall demeanor.  They have agreed to let their son be our candidate if we choose.


The only fundraising to-date has been a t-shirt fundraiser and a lemonade stand, no go fund me or any other sponsored activity.


We spoke about this at the meeting today and everyone present was ok with having a candidate this year, fortunately, this candidate just fell in my lap a few days ago…perhaps it was meant to be!


Any Regulator that wishes to vote or express concerns, needs to respond within 24 hours directly to EL P (privately) so we can move forward.  Thank you!

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